Cydney M.
Very pleased with the professionalism of the female on the phone, taking my order for clothes dryer service. Edgar arrived within a couple of hours (another company tried to schedule me for a week away.). Conducted himself also professionally and addressed my issue. Would definitely call this company again.
Hungvong V.
Very professional. Extremely responsive.
Patrick L.
Had the pleasure of talking with the owner Edgar, he fixed my dryer in 20 minutes. Friendly, very efficient, good conversation while he was working. Showed up, got a text 30 minutes before he arrived. Great service, will definitely use again.
Steven M.
I would like to thank Edgar at Coast appliance services for being an excellent repairman and technician, for being an excellent user advocate, and for being a wonderful negotiator with the companies he represents. We had had had an Amana side-by-side refrigerator for 27 years. It had run and was running perfectly when we decided to replace it with a newer, more energy efficient, more updated technological refrigerator. We decided to go with LG. We purchased an LG side-by-side French door 30.7 ft.³ refrigerator, an LG microwave, and LG dishwasher, and an LG electric ceramic cooktop. As well we purchased a large flatscreen LG TV. After 7 2/3 years of careful use by only two or three adults, regular cleaning, and regular vacuuming underneath and behind our biggest and best LG refrigerator we could buy, it failed. The refrigerator had never been left open for any amount of time, misused, nor poorly maintained. We had to throw out between 1000 and $1500 worth of food. We called LG, they tried to repair it remotely as it is a Wi-Fi capable refrigerator. It was not able to be remotely repaired, however it was remotely diagnosed. LG told that it was out of warranty, that it was most likely the compressor, That they would pay for the cost of the compressor, which would be around $200, but we would have to pay for the cost of labor which would be about $500 if it was the compressor. I immediately protested and told LG that I thought it was ridiculous for us to pay for a faulty compressor when we had only had the refrigerator for 7 2/3 years. Further I stated that it was ridiculous for us to pay $3000 for a refrigerator and it failed after only 7 2/3 years Of light and careful use. That this will equate the cost of the refrigerator to approximately $400 a year if it failed after only 7&2/3years. And that didn't include the cost of the monthly utilities to run the Appliance. LG told me how sorry they were that the refrigerator had failed. However they said it was out of warranty and therefore they could not pay for the full cost of the repair. I asked them if they paid $3000 for refrigerator, would they think it's faulty if it failed after only 7&2/3years. They weren't able to say much. I let them know that I would like to have the repairman come out, but I would pay the $500, however, that if I had to pay for the repair I would never buy another LG appliances as long as I live, and further, I would let all my friends and business acquaintance know how poorly the refrigerator performed and I felt I have been sold a faulty product. Edgar came out come and installed the new compressor perfectly, but the motherboard wouldn't except the compressor. He had to pull it back out. He recommended that the company given us a complementary repair as now we needed a new motherboard and this would take more time. I called the company numerous times. Finally after much negotiation and with Edgar's recommendation, the company agreed to the one time complementary repair. I feel this was due to Edgar's honesty, support, and skill as a technician and a user advocate when he could see there had been no misuse and that's e refrigerator had been well cared for. Edgar acquired the part quickly, LG got the part to him quickly, repair was done the next day, and the refrigerator is now running well. Thank you again Edgar for being a wonderful repairman/technician, honorable man, A customer advocate, and a wonderful representative for LG. Thank you LG for standing behind your product and paying for the cost of the repair. I asked Edgar if he had any recommendations to increase the life of the refrigerator, if there was anything we could do to see that this doesn't happen again. He mentioned that it might be that in the new homes and the new remodels , we are building refrigerators into these tight non ventilated spaces. He recommended perhaps installing a vent so that the compressor can breathe. Thanks Edgar for also being a good educator. In sum, Edgar gets six stars out of a possible five star rating. He is an excellent repair man/technician, excellent customer advocate, and excellent teacher, and a wonderful man to do business with honorable and honest. I can't thank you enough Edgar.
Kim D.
Edgar was awesome! Fixed our dishwasher! Highly recommend, sooo reasonably priced, very professional, on time... Thank you again Edgar!!